New York

New York

mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015


Oggi, appena tornato da scuola, sono entrato sul sito della mia application e sulla homepage c'era scritto:

Your application is under review by ISE. If ISE denies your application due to missing or incomplete information, it will be first sent back to Interstudio Viaggi who may be able to provide the additional information. If Interstudio Viaggi is not able to provide it, it will be rejected back to you so you can provide the information and then resubmit it for processing. 
If ISE approves your application it will immediately be available for placement.

Bene, ora devo solo aspettare (non troppo spero).. Nel frattempo vi faccio leggere la lettera che ho scritto per la futura host family.

Dear host family, 
I'm Andrea, an Italian boy and I'm 16. 
I'm so happy to write this letter, I've been waiting for a lot of time and now I'm here, speaking about myself to the people that for 10 months will be my family. Before starting my description, I want to say that I hope you'll become a real family for me, I wish our relationship will be enduring, I'd like that at the end of this experience I'll be able to say:<< I have two families now >>. 
In this letter I'm going to write about my life in Italy, my hobbies, my friends, my family, my school and the reasons why I decided to become an exchange student. 
I live in a small town in the south of Italy, Castellaneta; there aren't a lot of things to do but I'm quite well here. I live in a flat with my dad, my mom and my sister. 
My dad is a professor and he works at the University of Bari while my mom is a physiotherapist. My sister attends the university, she studies law. 
I attend a scientific high school in Gioia del Colle (a town near Castellaneta) so everyday I catch the bus to go to school. 
I study a lot of subjects: Italian, maths, chemistry, biology, physics, English, Latin, art, history, philosophy, P.E. 
Italian school is very different from American one and sometimes it's very stressful. 
In the morning I get up at 6:30 and i take the bus at 7:10. The lessons start at 8:10 and finish at 1:10. I arrive home at 2:30 and after having the lunch I do my homework; sometimes I have a lot of homework to do and I finish late, so most of weeks I can go out with my friends only on Saturday and Sunday. 
On Monday and Wednesday I have music lessons: I play the drums (and study solfeggio) since I was 6 and I'd really like to keep playing during my exchange year. 
When I go out with my friends we walk in the center of the town and we go to a bar to eat something; if the weather is not good, we stay at someone's house to watch a film or just to spend some time together. The relationship that I have with my friends is fantastic, they are very nice to be with and I can consider them as a second family; 
I love sport and before starting high school I used to swim and play tennis but when the high school began I didn't have any free time anymore. Two other sports that i love are surfing and artistic gymnastics. 
My others hobbies are reading, listening to music, spending some time with my family in our country house and going to the cinema. 
I'm a lively boy, I like making friends, knowing new cultures and travelling. 
I love nature: in the summer i really like going to beach with my family (my parents, my sister, my uncles and my cousins) or my friends. I love the sea, i'd really like to see the ocean one day. When I'm sad i usually go for a walk on the beach alone and I immediately feel better; so I have a special relationship with the sea. I adore animals too. 
I'm very autonomous and free, my parents give me a lot of indipendence because they know that I'm a responsible guy. 
One of my most important feature that I want to underline is that I'm very open-minded; I can't stand racism, we are all equal and everyone must be respected, no matter if a person is white or black, gay or straight, christian or muslim. 
So I hope that I'll spend my exchange year in a place where the people are open-minded, where there isn't discrimination. 
The reasons why I decided to become an exchange student are several: I want to broaden my horizons, know the American school, live in an American family to discover all American traditions, improve my English, get more indipendent, see the differences between Italy and USA. I wanna spend an year in America even because I love the places that the US offers, all the big cities, the woods, the sea of California (country that i love) and a lot of other beautiful sites. 
One day I would like to move in the US. Living or attending the university in the US is my biggest dream. I'd really like to live in one of the most important American cities like Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia; but my real biggest dream is New York, the city of the opportunities, the city that doesn't sleep, the city of the highest skyscrapers. I really really love New york and every time i watch a film that is set in the big apple I get fascinated. If one day I move in the US I'll certainly live in NYC. 
This is me, my life, my passions and my dreams. 
I hope that this experience will be unforgettable, that i will learn a lot of things and that you'll enjoy this year with this italian exchange student! 
Thank you and best regards


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